Our Founder/ Owner/ Operator: Terry Alexander

Born in the small town of Sumter, SC; Terrance Alexander was the middle child of 3 boys- raised by a hard-working single mother. Growing up, Terrance dreaded the weekends because he knew his mother would wake his two brothers and himself to help clean the house. Spending every weekend helping their mother- the 3 boys grew to cleaning as a customary duty and became “Kings” – at cleaning. Now, with Atlanta as Terrance’s home; he founded 3kings Cleaning Service to help all Georgians with their cleaning needs.

Terrance’ mother raised him with high standards while working up to 3 jobs, sometimes attending classes for advancement, showing that life is all about improvement of the mind.

3kings Cleaning has all cleaning technicians go through customer service and a masters certification with the IJCSA. We strive for a consistent, professional clean every visit and care about delivering 100% customer satisfaction. We also deliver customer rewards for repeat services for both our commercial and residential cleaning clients.

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How We Get Results


3Kings Cleaning specializes in more than just cleaning your home. We are cleaning experts, taking care of commercial offices, Warehouse cleaning, Restaurant/Kitchen Closings, Hospitals and Child Care Facilities – not to mention Post Construction clean up services. Our staff has the training and experience you need to get professional results.

We utilize our “4 Phase Cleaning” on most surfaces to insure our services are uniform and consistent for all of our clients on every cleaning service visit. What this means is that all surfaces will be cleaned and wiped off at least 4 times! We also ensure quality control is in place with Checklists, Supervision, and inspections.


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  1. Hello…I see a sign where I am currently living that Cleaning3K is hiring.

    I would like some information about employment opportunities.

    Thank you

  2. Available anytime

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