Air Duct Cleaning

The average 6 Room house collects up to 40 POUNDS of dust, dirt – even allergens every year!

Infact; 40,000 dust mites can live in just ONE OUNCE of that dirt!

Thats why you need an Air Duct cleaning from 3kings Cleaning-

Air Duct Cleaning improoves the air quality in your home! Making it cleaner and healthier to breath the air in your home.

Our High Powered Blower and HEPA filter vaccuum pull the dirt, dust and allergens from your home and into our truck – removing it COMPLETELY!

We remove the dust using the Latest tools to aggitate and remove the dirt lodged inside your air ducts.

This shows just how much dirt and dust that can accumulate inside your home

Unlike other companies – we clean the ENTIRE HVAC SYSTEM

Main Trunkline
Evaporator Coil
Individual Lines
Return Vents

No part of your system is overlooked.

We also offer DRYER VENT CLEANING which can increase your dryer’s efficiency, longevity…and more importantly, prevent house fires!

We make your home cleaner, healthier and safer.

We offer FREE video air duct inspections – this way you can SEE what is polluting the air in your home and get an affordable estimate to cleanse your indoor air.

To schedule your air duct cleaning – call us 404-829-1141 extention 2


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