Frequent Asked Questions

1.Q: House Cleaned $70? How is this possible?
A: Easy! We are proud to have the best service at a low, affordable cost. Our pricing is flat-rate with no hidden fees. Each customer is different but most small orders can be complete for only $70! Examples would be a small one bedroom apartment or clean 4 areas in a large home. Please fill the form on our Home Page or Contact us for a FREE estimate.

2. Q: The name of your company is 3Kings Cleaning; do you send males to clean?
A: Yes. We do have male cleaners being that we are an EOE employer.If you prefer a cleaner of a certain sex, that is not an issue-just let us know. All of our workers are experienced, well trained and have been screened and background checked.

3. Q: What areas/locations do you service?
A: We service all areas within a 80mile radius of Atlanta, GA.

4. Q: What are common extra fees that you may charge on my work order?
A: Common Fees but will not be applied until agreed upon, are Deep Cleaning $20/area, Bed Sheets & Linen $15, Appliance Interior $20/per or $30 for stove/refrigerator combo. Organizing Clutter $20 each area plus $14.50/hr after the 1st hour after the starting of starting each area.

5. Q: Are there ways I can get the Price Lowered on my Work Order?
A: Yes, your work order price can go as low as $59; depending on work order request-keep in mind we must cover our cost of business and make something for our families. We frequently have promotions where you can save money off your next services, even up to FREE CLEANING! 

6. Q: I don’t feel like calling-How can I figure out a rough estimate of what your company will charge me?
A: Keep in mind this does not include the factor of your location plus sqft of the project. But our Basic Price starts at $89. for 2br/2baths within 1000sqft. Add $19 per additional BEDROOM $29 per additional BATHROOM, $10 for Half Bath. Up to $99 per basement area. Use the additional information within QUESTION 4 to give you added assistance on estimating our price. We always prefer you to SUBMIT A REQUEST for a pricing estimate. Click HERE and fill the form for a FREE estimate.

7. Q: If I call, how soon can your team clean for me?
A: We prefer to have as much time in advance as possible, plus we may have scheduled cleans already. If you need us to clean the same day or weekend, there is a small urgency charge of $20. Our best rates are scheduled in advanced and over the weekday. We work on holidays and weekends; an urgency fee will apply to your work-order.