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Cleaning Technicians Wanted

We are in need of Part-Time Cleaning Assistants and Full Time LEAD Technicians – in various sides of Atlanta.
Must have own transportation AND willing to travel up to 40 miles. You will be responsible for your own transportation and assisting a lead cleaner; perfoming House Cleaning, and other cleaning work orders such as carpet, hardwood, construction-remodel, tile & grout and gutter cleaning- to name some of our services! Sometimes it will be 3 total cleaners cleaning as a TEAM. But you will have some jobs that only require ONE technician.
Must have these  MINIMUM supplies/skills:
  • Vacuum, 12amps in sucking power8-12 towels for cleaning, Multiple sizes
  • Cell Phone with UNLIMITED PICTURE/TEXT/GPS service
  • Ability to use Phone for proof of work taking pictures – TAKING PICTURES IS A MUST
  • Ability to travel around 40 mile radius of Metro Atlanta. And be comfortable IN TRAFFIC.
  • Ability to Read and Follow Instructions –¬† ALSO VERY IMPORTANT
  • Looking for trainable people with good customer service and communication skills.

The position starts as Part-Time.
The hours are FLEXIBLE to YOUR availability
Chance for Full Time work in future.
Very Hard to Get “Fired” from this Position (job security) – Unless you have POOR communication ability and can not read and follow directions.

Most assignments take 3 to 5 hours to complete. (includes travel time)

Full training will be provided for everyone REGARDLESS of past experience. (You can’t make McDonalds burgers while on the clock for Burger King)

Must follow all company procedures or risk loosing your position.

Must pass background check and drug tests from LabCorp.

Also reading and comprehension tests will be performed as SAFETY is important to workers of 3kings Cleaning LLC.

$12.00/hour starting rate During Training. Then $15/hour Base Rate. Some assignments are potential $20/hour.

Raises are given promptly for those who demonstrate ability to follow our cleaning proceedures on a consistant basis.

There are also BONUS PAY that we give every pay period for workers who perform well; such as Being on Time- Everytime. Getting 5 Star Customer Reviews. And simply coming to work and doing a thorough job! – For every 25 Cleans you do, we pay a performance bonus!

Pay is BI-WEEKLY on Friday. Pay schedules start on Sunday and end on Saturday. We prefer Direct Deposit into a Cash Card or Bank. Saves time, but we sometimes hold weekly meeting where pay and supplies are distributed. We also siphon your pay daily to you, onto your pay-card each assignment you work daily for fuel, etc.

Email a RESUME with current address and recent work history to apply. VERY IMPORTANT

Apply today: Fill out this pre-employment survey!

Send your Email with 3 professional and 3 personal references. Please state position you are applying for in your cover letter. We are looking for teachable, entry-level cleaning technicians.


  1. I am available for work in the Atlanta area near camp creek and surrounding area please call or email upon location

  2. Want a job for cleaning

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