Our Story

In 2007, Terrance Alexander was working for a local property preservation company in McDonough, GA as a Records Clerk. It was a Part Time Position that he used as he practiced for his Real Estate License. One day, a cleaner called out and the company asked Terrance if he could help with not just typing records-but cleaning the foreclosed homes also. Being that Terrance knew her already had loved cleaning why not get some extra hours and income.

It didn’t take long for Terrance to catch on to the company’s policy for cleaning the foreclosed homes. Doing this for a few month’s-Terrance position expanded and he began leading cleaning crews for the company. Terrance had traveled to all cities south of Atlanta and also has done clean-outs in McDonough, Locus Grove, and Stockbridge,Ga where the company’s cleaning service was needed.

Almost a year had passed and something bad happened. The company Terrance did Maid Services for started altering the total hours worked; so Terrance’s final pay at the end of the month would not reflect the actual hours worked. Terrance first noted with his supervisor – but after repeated occasions of shorten pay= Terrance had to separate himself from this company.

But now, it was time for Terrance to work on his Real Estate career which he dreamed about doing full time! Now he can focus all his attention toward that vision. But a collapse in the Stock Market and the “Great Resession” happened