We UPGRADED to Truck-Mounted Carpet Cleaning!

With the growing success in the house cleaning services 3kings Cleaning provides – we are able to bring our customers and clients even better services. We began carpet cleaning about two years ago after referring all carpet cleaning to Classic Carpet Cleaning in Austell, GA The owner/operator, Chris Jones, took me under his wing and began to mentor me in the world of carpet cleaning in Atlanta. We already did house cleaning services pretty well, and a lot of times, our customers and clients would ask if we knew a reputable carpet cleaner who was local.

After following the advice of our good friend at Classic Carpet Cleaning – we purchased our first portable machine – Pwr Flite Blackmax 2 –

We learned even more while carpet cleaning with our new portable machine – such as the 6 steps of professional carpet cleaning, how to use proper chemestry to remove tough stains and the importance of drying carpets after hot water steam cleaning- to name a few.

The demand for carpet cleaning began taking over about half of our cleaning work-orders. We noticed that with all the carpet cleaning orders- we had to upgrade our equipment – to keep up with the demand! With the portable carpet cleaning machine, we was able to clean 4 large areas in about 4-5 hours but with a truckmounted carpet cleaning machine – you can clean the same areas in HALF the time – and get BETTER RESULTS!

We look forward to another year of growth from our customers and cleaning clients. With the earnings, we are investing in even better equipment for safety, performance and peace of mind for our clients. Thank you all for the support over the past 5 years and beyond!