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North Atlanta Metro Area's Top Carpet Cleaning & Pressure Washing Company

3kings Cleaning LLC is dedicated to serving Roswell and the surrounding area with honest, trustworthy pressure washing services—and pretty much any exterior or interior cleaning services you might need for your home or property. From air duct, gutter, and carpet cleaning to pressure washing, lawn care, and property preservation, we’re proud to serve our Georgia neighbors.

Think of 3kings Cleaning LLC as your personal handyman SWAT team, always ready to answer your call and bring their vast experience, cutting edge equipment, and old fashioned work ethic to any cleaning or restoration project, residential or commercial. We’re fully licensed and insured with over ten years of experience, and we’re open 7 days a week, including holidays—meaning we’re available for cleaning emergencies and are able to schedule all exterior and interior cleaning and restoration services at your convenience.

Carpet, wood floors, lawns, driveways, roofs, decks and air ducts; if it can be cleaned, we will restore it to a sparkling pinnacle of radiance. We have commercial-grade, truck-mounted equipment, and the hardest working team of pressure washing, carpet cleaning, winterizing, property maintenance experts in the Peach State.

For pressure washing, floor care, and all of the property maintenance and cleaning services you could possibly need, 3kings Cleaning LLC is the most-trusted provider in the Roswell and the North Atlanta Metro Area.

Commercial Pressure Washing & Exterior Cleaning Services

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Parking Lot Cleaning
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Storefront Cleaning
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Building Washing
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Sidewalk Cleaning
Service 5
Roof Cleaning
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Window Cleaning
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The Importance Of Property Preservation

Your home or business property is probably your biggest investment, and regular maintenance is the key to preserving and raising the value of your property for the longest period of time. We are certified to perform:

  • Carpet Cleaning, Installation and Repair
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning and Refinishing
  • Disinfecting and COVID-19 cleaning for residential and commercial properties.

We have over a decade of experience performing various property maintenance tasks under strict HUD Guidelines, and we're available for homes, multiple rental properties, realtors, business owners, and commercial properties for:

  • Grass Cuts and Landscaping
  • Changing Locks and Re-keys
  • Boarding, Securing and Winterizations
  • Deck and Siding Repair

We’re working 7 days a week and our professionals are skilled in, and equipped for, virtually every cleaning or property maintenance project possible.

why People Choose Us

Why People Choose Us

Improve Air Quality With Duct Cleaning

3kings Cleaning is your provider of exterior and interior cleaning services - including Carpet and Air Duct Cleaning! We understand the importance of keeping your property clean and sanitary- from floor care to air quality!

Over time, the inside of your air conditioning and heating ducts can build-up layers of household dust containing pet dander, pollen, smoke film, and dust mites. All of that circulates throughout your house and can inflame the symptoms of respiratory problems like allergies and asthma.

You can breathe easier knowing that our pros use a state-of-the-art, camera-assisted duct-cleaning system to remove all those built-up contaminants. After every nook and cranny is shining like new, we disinfect your ducts with our environmentally safe, EPA registered anti-microbial. Not only will our professional air duct cleaning process reduce allergens and irritants, but it can also remove unpleasant odors and improve airflow efficiency of your HVAC system—which can save you cash on your power bill.

Duct Cleaning
Pressure Washing Cleaning

How Roof Cleaning & House Washing Make Your Home Shine

Whether you’re a home-owner that wants to keep your castle from looking like an ancient ruin, a landlord with multiple rental units requiring a quick sprucing up, or a business owner looking to polish your company’s image, house washing and roof cleaning by the pressure washing professionals at 3kings Cleaning LLC will give your property the royal treatment and maximize your curb appeal.

Our exterior cleaning experts work hard and clean hard, taking the time and effort to make sure every square-inch of your property is as clean as we can possibly make it. The end result is a sparkling, shining property that will catch eyes and create a memorable curb appeal image for buyers, renters, neighbors, and anyone that sees it.


Towns We Service

3kings Cleaning LLC is proud to serve residential and commercial clients in the Atlanta Metro Area. We’re based in Roswell but are happy to travel anywhere within a 50-mile radius to serve our Peach State neighbors’ interior and exterior cleaning needs. Here are some of the towns and communities we proudly serve:

Our Latest Projects

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