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We specialize in residential cleaning and commercial office cleaning services, especially floor waxing for Vinyl Composite Tile, also known as VCT. If you own or manage an office building or retail outlet in Atlanta, there’s a good chance that your floor is made of VCT. If so, 3Kings Cleaning LLC, is here to maintain your floor’s surface quality, feel and aesthetic.


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Daycare Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

Bowling alleys Cleaning

Restaurant Cleaning

Kitchen Cleaning

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Emergency cleaning

Foreclosure Clean Outs

Pre Sale/Cleaning

Fitness Center Cleaning

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New construction Cleaning

Medical-Healthcare Cleaning

Property Management Cleaning

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School-College-University Cleaning

Commercial Floor Cleaning Services

 Floor Stripping and Waxing

All Types of Cleaning Services Just Ask?

We pride ourselves on being a resourceful, flexible industrial services company. Our mission is to provide the assistance you need, and to do so around your schedule and without inconveniencing you, your staff or your production. Unlike other cleaning service providers, we specialize in ONLY Residential or Commercial Office and Warehouse cleaning Services .


When the office is open or after close, 3Kings Cleaning LLC the Janitorial Cleaning Specialists of Atlanta gets to work for you. When you contact one of our Janitorial Maid Cleaning representatives, we will coordinate a cleaning plan that works for your schedule and doesn’t interfere with your lifestyle or business hours..

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Our Specialists

We understand that you are allowing us into your home or place of business, so we only hire individuals who have a proven track record of excellent work and customer service. Our personnel take pride in their work and they’re always brushing up on the latest techniques to properly clean and sanitize all manner of environments.


How We Do It

Our team uses high grade cleaning products and tools to professionally clean your environments for optimal results.   We have a myriad of heavy duty cleaning supplies to get every crevice, surface, nook, cranny, ceiling, tile and cubbyhole, no matter how dirty they are. We’ll ensure that your doors, floors, windows, ceilings and appliances are shining like new.

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Post Construction Clean Up Services

We can provide Post Construction Clean-up for Commercial Cleaning Service and Residential Cleaning Service to get rid of any excess dust after a contractor has completed work. Although the major messes might be cleaned up in the wake of a construction project, there is always bound to be lingering dust and debris in the air that can settle and make your home or office a mess.


Superior Qualifications

3kings Cleaning service is a proud member of the International Janitorial Cleaning Service Association. The IJCSA was formed in 2004 to represent the janitorial industry. Their members include professional janitorial services, house cleaning services, housekeepers, janitorial suppliers, and services that perform duties such as window washing, carpet cleaning, and housecleaning. 3kings Cleaning has obtained additional training and certification from the IJCSA, including Customer Service, Carpet Cleaning and Blood Born Pathogens!

Our Cleaning Service Company are insured up to 2 Million Dollars Aggregate and we’re fully bonded. We have standard operating procedures in place that our team follows to the letter. Job sites remain safe and garbage, grime and unusable items are disposed of in the proper manner.

We understand that you don’t let any stranger into your home or business. Our uniformed cleaners conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. Each specialist’s background is well researched before we bring him or her onto our team.

Post Construction Cleaning
Post Construction Cleaning

We ensure the safety of your property and maintain our integrity as an elite cleaning service. When you hire us to clean your property, you should have no fear or suspicion of theft, damage or any illicit behavior during the course of the clean.

We take our time and go through great lengths to add only the most honest and dignified individuals to our team and we train them to treat clients’ properties with the utmost respect and to find out exactly what your needs are, seeing to it we pay attention to them. 


3Kings Cleaning, LLC, provides a thorough cleaning for a variety of environments. We primarily focus on offices, houses, apartments,  construction sites, Industrial and Warehouse Cleaning services.  We are capable of cleaning almost any building or work site. When you rely on our highly skilled cleaning experts, you’ll have a pristine living or working environment that looks like your mother was there. There’s no sense in working or living among allergens, dirt, dust and grime. Not only is it unhealthy, it’s unsightly!

Our Brand

3Kings Cleaning, LLC- Atlanta Cleaning Service Company is working hard to built a solid reputation in the local community for regular commercial cleaning service. We’re held in high regard because we do things much differently from our competitors. While other cleaners show up on a typical schedule and go through the motions, we actually do the job right. We don’t rush through our cleaning. We use a “4 Phase” cleaning method and never skip over spaces when we’re pressed for time


Our Services

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Most of our work is performed in offices, construction sites and commercial Kitchens. Yet we’re capable of cleaning just about any environment including homes (foreclosed included), daycare centers, bowling alleys, light industrial buildings, educational institutions, and more. We can handle move out cleaning, interdiction clean-outs as well.


We provide professional cleans with the highest quality of standards so that you can live and work in a pleasant environment without dust, dirt, allergens and other contaminants that can make you sick. We’ll be able to clean your property, no matter where you are located in the Atlanta metro area within 80 miles.

(404) 829 – 1141

Real Estate Agents' Dream Cleaners
Real Estate Agents’ Dream Cleaners


Contact Us Today for a Professional Cleaning Estimate

If you’d like to learn more about our deep cleaning services, do not hesitate to reach out to us for a free consultation and estimate. We’d love to meet with you in person to describe our services. We will provide a complimentary consultation and project estimate for both residential sites as well as commercial sites. One of our professionals will perform a walk through of your site and discuss with you how you want the job should be completed and what your options are.

We’ll clean your building or work site no matter where you are located in the greater Atlanta area within 80 mile radius. We can come up with an effective cleaning solution for just about every environment. Our estimates are exceedingly fair and flexible. Give us a call at 404-829-1141 today and we can schedule everything you need, to move forward with a sparkling clean living or working environment.

(404) 829 – 1141

Serving the Atlanta Metro Area

3Kings Cleaning, LLC provides Professional Deep Cleaning Services, Green Cleaning Services, Emergency Cleaning Service, Move in Cleaning Services, Move Out Cleaning Services, Post Construction Site Clean-up, Construction Cleaning Staffing Services, Construction Clean up Day Laborers Temporary Staffing, Kitchen Cleaning Services, Restaurant Cleaning Services, Janitorial cleaning services, Building Cleaning Services, Office Cleaning Services, Medical Office Cleaning Services, Bank Cleaning Services, Fitness Center Cleaning Services, Industrial Cleaning Services, Warehouse Cleaning Services, Warehouse Floor Cleaning, Commercial Floor Stripping & Waxing and all other cleaning services for both Commercial Cleaning Service and Residential Cleaning Service to the entire Atlanta metro area.

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