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Frequently Asked Pressure Washing Questions - Answered By 3kings Cleaning LLC


Pressure washing is our favorite topic and we love to talk about the finer points of exterior and interior cleaning, care, and maintenance. The pressure washing professionals at 3kings Cleaning LLC are always happy to answer your questions.

How Will I Know When I Should Get My Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

Usually, a change in appearance, odor, and/or texture will alert you to the need for carpet cleaning. Spills, pet stains, and dirt are obvious cues to clean, but time is also a factor. Less-traveled carpeted areas may appear clean because there are no stand-out stains and uniform color throughout the carpet, but you'll be amazed at how professional carpet cleaning can rejuvenate and restore the newness of any carpeted area and provide a fresh, clean scent that will delight your senses. That means it's a good idea to schedule annual or periodic carpet cleaning as part of a smart home or business maintenance plan.

What's The Difference Between Pressure Washing And Soft Washing?

Pressure washing employs the natural cleaning power of water launched at a target surface at extremely high pressure and is best for harder surfaces like concrete, stone, and asphalt. Soft washing incorporates the use of cleaning solutions and chemicals with low-pressure and no-pressure washing for spectacular results on malleable materials like shingles and tiles. Soft washing is especially useful in roof and house washing.

Can Your Company Remove Old, Set In Stains From My Surfaces?

Yes, we can! From stubborn oil and rust stains on concrete and pavers; to discoloration and mold on fragile exterior surfaces like roof shingles and siding; to deeply marred carpet and worn out wooden floors; to contaminant buildup in your air ducts, we have the right equipment, skills, experience, and the never-quit work ethic to conquer any stain and restore every part of your property to its clean, optimal appearance.

Do You Offer Commercial Services?

Yes. From commercial pressure washing for your sidewalks, storefronts, buildings, vehicle fleets, and parking lots; to interior cleaning for your wood floors, carpet, air ducts; and maintenance chores like landscaping, lock changes, and general property upkeep, we've got the equipment, knowledge, and determination for any commercial cleaning project—large or small.

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