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The 6 Steps of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

3kings Cleaning LLC specializes in pressure washing and carpet cleaning in the North Atlanta Metro area. We'll talk pressure washing later, but right now let's focus on carpet cleaning and the difference between amateurs and professionals.

When you hire a professional carpet cleaner always ask about the 6 steps of carpet cleaning


A professional will take time to walk through your home or property and make notations of your trouble spots. More importantly, they should ask questions, such as, "Do you know what this thing is?" Hopefully, you do know the answer to what is on your carpet, but there are some situations where you don't: like when the children won't tell you what they really did or you moved into a rental home and "the carpet was already like that." Regardless, if you have a carpet cleaner that just arrives and starts cleaning without asking questions, that is a huge red flag that they are not a professional carpet cleaner.


Here is another step that is often skipped by "professional carpet cleaners". We hear a lot of stories from customers telling us how the last "carpet cleaner" just comes in, puts down some type of pre-treatment, and then starts cleaning the carpet. The vacuuming step is very important because you need to remove as much dry soil before wetting the carpet, as soil is heavier after being wet—making extracting more difficult due to the weight of the dirt.


Using a pre-treatment, or "pre-spray" as professionals say amongst each other, is another important step in the professional carpet cleaning process. This allows for the stain or soil to be broken down to a state that can be easily extracted off of the carpet fiber. There are many pre-treatment cleaning agents on the market that a professional can choose to use before the extraction begins. The factors that dictate which solution to use depends on what type of spot we are treating.


This step is very important, because agitation allows for the cleaning solution to really get down deep within the carpet fibers. Depending on what type of carpets we are cleaning, agitation will allow for the cleaning solution to penetrate the soil that is underneath the top layer. Agitation is usually needed when faced with a trashed carpet that has not been cleaned for over 12 months. These are not common, but in that situation, we would need to either use a hand brush or a slow rotary machine with a soft bristle on the bottom to agitate your carpets before the next step.


Extraction can be made in several different ways. We can use a bonnet cloth to absorb all of the loose soil or just use a high-powered vacuum to remove the soil. With technology these days, we have carpet cleaning wands that emit a spray of pressurized water onto the carpet- followed with a high-powered vacuum, right in front of it. This technology allows for the carpets to be rinsed thoroughly and all of the soil gets taken away all in one swipe.


The final step of carpet cleaning is the drying of the carpet. Now, this step is important because moisture contained within a room can be a good environment for mold spores to thrive. This will not happen all the time, but we want to reduce the probability of mold inside of an enclosed space. It is very important to dry the carpet as fast as possible after the cleaning process.

Turn on the HVAC system in the property. This will allow air movement, which can decrease the drying time. Also, we can use proper air movers. These can be as simple as a rotary fan or as professional as a squirrel cage fan, which are high-powered fans that funnel air movement across a particular zone.

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