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Commercial Concrete Pressure Washing in Atlanta, GA

This church in Atlanta Georgia had not had their concrete cleaned in over 3 years. They contacted us to get all of their concrete cleaned in the front of their church building.

Sadly, they had another pressure washing company scheduled to come out- but they did not show up. So, 3kings Cleaning gave them a pressures washing special rate and we cleaned for them the next day.

For this commercial cleaning service; we had to pretreat the concrete, to break down the Black Mold that waa engrained into the concrete surface- before pressure washing with our 18 inch surface spinner. Then the concrete was rinsed and finally, a post treatment was applied to all the areas that had remaining algae.

The evangelist and Deacon of the church was very pleased, and informed us that they will use us when they need us again.

Services Used in Project

  • Budget: $638

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Products Used: 18 inch Surface Spinner, XJet 6% hyposodium chloride

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