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Pet Urine Odor removal in Roswell Georgia

Miss Cathy needed her carpets cleaned sanitized and deodorized from the ware from family and pet traffic over the years. She found us on NEXTDOOR and contacted us over the holidays - knowing that we are available 7 days a week.

We cleaned her carpets very thoroughly and took time to make sure the pet odor was eliminated by applying several applications of Odor-cide.

We took time to not only clean her carpets but get to know her as a new client and we shared a lot of similar family experiences.

By the end her carpets were cleaned and refreshed and she was very happy!

  • Budget: $329

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Products Used: Odor-cide Odor Eliminator
Client Review: Three kings cleaning provided us with outstanding service yesterday, cleaning our carpets just in time for Christmas. Terry did a thorough job cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing our very old carpets. He is a complete joy to work with- being both helpful and honest! His pricing is a deal with the amount of effort and beautiful results he provides. I endorse three kings cleaning and will continue to use this business for future home projects.
- Cathy Q.

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