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Roof Washing in Roswell, GA

Roof washing roswell ga

This customer was tired of seeing black marks on his roof and saw one of our local roadsigns in Roswell Georgia for roof washing and saved $100 from the special. We only clean half of the roof which was about a 1000 ft². All of the black marks were removed within minutes after applying our roof washing chemicals. 3 kings cleaning does not ritz roois ritz roof unless requested question but we always follow up at least 7 days after the wash to make sure any further treatment is applied. This roof became clean within minutes, Which is pretty typical.

Services Used in Project

  • Budget: $440.10

Roof Washing Gallery

Products Used: 12volt Soft Washing machine, 6% sodium hypochloride
Client Review: I'm really proud of 3kings Cleaning. The work that was performed on my home was quick and professional. I was able to see my roof looking like new after an hour of their arrival. GREAT JOB!!
- John M.

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