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Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Metro Atlanta Areas

This is a first-time client that found us on Google. She never had her tile and grout cleaned for the entire time she owned the home and noticed the grout lines were becoming dark and black.

3kings Cleaning follows all safety protocols and proper steps for cleaning tile and grout: ensuring that no acid solution splashes on appliances or painted walls.

After applying the acid cleaning solution, we follow up with a rotary tool with a stiff bristle that scrubs the grout lines.

Then, we use our title surface spinner, which puts down 800 PSI of heated water and extracts the slurry simultaneously. We then neutralize the floor with an alkaline cleaner and finally dry the floor.

This customer followed our recommendation of having the tile and grout sealed after cleaning: which prolongs and protects the look of the clean grout.

See What Your Home Or Business Could Look Like After Getting Services From 3kings Cleaning LLC

Products Used: Tile Strike and Tile Revive

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