Unhappy With Your Cleaning Service? That’s Not Good – Our Customer Satisfaction Gaurantee

Our cleaning team has been cleaning offices and houses for over 6 years in Atlanta. We have created targeted cleaning plans and schedules to ensure all of our services are as uniform as possible. But please understand that we are all human and may drop the ball. Ever so often, we have all had a bad day or night – and still have to go to work the next day. Sometime’s our personal lives can affect how we perform at work- and this is unfortunate for a paying customer, looking to get the best cleaning services their hard earned money can buy.


3kings Cleaning has a mission: to provide uniform, professional cleaning services, at a fair, affordable rate.

Our cleaning process is divided into four phases and then our technicians “double and triple check” their work before moving on to the next area of the office, home, restaurant or daycare. First we wet the surface, then we agitate any stains. Next we attempt to remove the stain and finally we polish the surface. This is our exclusive “4 Phase Cleaning” technique that ensures a uniform level of service on nearly every visit – no matter what team we send to clean for you. Finally, our team member has to check their work and then move along with your cleaning services. Next, our Lead Cleaner is suppose to follow up after their team member with their final check. This is how 3kings Cleaning Service “Double and Triple Check” their work.


After all is done, a well job can not be said unless you say it’s a well job. A walk-through with you or someone who is authorized is performed and tasked are checked off your walk-through list, making sure all corners have been cleaned. And if something is missed- 3kings Cleaning has no problem taking extra time to go back for corrections.


But sometimes the situation does not play out this way. What if no one is available for the walk-through cleaning inspections? Not to worry. With 3kings Cleaning Services, you have up to 12 hours to report any findings that were missed in your services. Most of the time, this warrants for a FREE courtesy cleaning. During this courtesy visit, our team will provide light cleaning, where all bathrooms are cleaned with our Basic Services, Trash Bins that are +70% full are changed and all floors are cleaned by sweeping, mopping and vacuuming. During this visit, we may be able to take care of other minor tasks which time permits. but this visit should catch up your cleaning needs.


3kings Cleaning really does care about its clients and their needs and sometimes we do “drop the ball”. But we just want all our customers to know to NEVER be afraid to confront us with our mistakes and demand better service- after all- that what you paid for. If you need to request a courtesy visit just call our Customer Care line (404) 829-1141 extension 0. We really do appreciate your business and love to clean. You should not have to do any more cleaning, after you have called us; so get your free cleaning with our 100% Guarantee policy.